We have turned 11!

To all our friends, colleagues, and partners,

we believe that although 11 years is a brief period, we are confident in our future prospects due to our resilience, self-assurance, and breadth of understanding, knowledge, and resources to overcome all challenges. Our journey so far has equipped us with ample experience, ideas, and solutions that our team efficiently utilizes on a daily basis.

We want to express our gratitude towards our colleagues! Our team has been working together for many years with private clients, big commercial companies, state enterprises and corporations, and we have achieved great success by conquering new heights and overcoming greater distances. We give a special shout-out to our dear clients who put their trust, patience and understanding in us, helping us grow and become market leaders in providing excellent service.

We hope that everyone achieves financial success, peace in their soul and good health!

Polar Trans Company

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