Russian government has approved a detailed proposal for the growth of the Arkhangelsk transport hub to 2035.

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A significant aspect of this proposal involves the revitalisation of the icebreaker fleet and ice-class ships, as well as the advancement of railway and road infrastructure. This includes the establishment of fresh access roads and bridges to the existing and new terminals of the Arkhangelsk seaport.

Polar Trans Port is constructing a modern railway terminal as part of the development of the Arkhangelsk transportation hub in Arkhangelsk. The terminal comprises an area for unloading and storing cargo, as well as a warehouse-platform that provides access to railroad tracks for Solombalka station. The designated space will also feature railway access and crane tracks, for which we have already performed design and survey work.

Arkhangelsk is a crucial transport hub in the Arctic Zone of Russia, with the growth of cargo turnover and the establishment of fresh terminals playing a vital role in realizing the economic potential of the region.

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